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(July, 2020) Professor Baxter's collaborative work with UC Merced faculty members from Physics and Applied Mathematics departments on modeling broadband cloaking using 3D nano-assembled plasmonic meta structures has been accepted for publication in Optics Express!  (doi: 10.1364/OE.395840

(July, 2020) Pravien Rajaram joins The Baxter Research Lab! Welcome, Pravien!

(June, 2020) Mahshid Yaghoubi joins The Baxter Research Lab! Welcome, Mahshid!

(May, 2020) Our undergraduate researchers Odet Behado & Savannah Pierce have graduated!  Congratulations!!  Good luck in your future endeavors!


(December, 2019) Ryan Brisbin advances to candidacy!  Congratulations, Ryan!

(August, 2019) Sarah advances to candidacy! Congratulations, Sarah!

(August, 2019) Alyssa becomes the first Ph.D. from the Baxter Lab!

(June, 2019) Graduate Student Cristian Sarabia awarded Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP) from NSF.  Congratulations, Cristian!

(June, 2019) Graduate Student Ryan Brisbin begins his summer internship at the Lawerence Livermore National Lab. Congrats to Ryan on getting this competitive position!!

(June, 2019) Undergraduate researcher Savannah Pierce received a MACES/NASA Fellowship to study new methods for aromatic bromination.  Congrats to Savannah!

(May, 2019) Undergraduate researcher Justin Debow graduates!  

(March, 2019) Alyssa and Sarah's paper on the effects of halogen bonding in radical fluorination has been accepted for publication in ACS Catalysis (doi: 10.1021/acscatal.9b00623)!  Some great physical organic work!!

(Sept, 2018)  Congrats to Jordan for successfully passing his candidacy exam!!  Here's looking forward to several successful years of cool research!

(June, 2018) Check out Akil and Jordan's new paper in Synthesis (doi: 10.1055/s-0037-1610005).  A comparison of different alkyl radical precursors and oxidants for quinone C–H radical alkylation.  Congrats to Akil on his first paper out of the lab, a great accomplishment for an undergrad!!

(May, 2018) The lab is granted an NSF CAREER award for the mechanistic study of radical initiations.  Congrats to everyone on their hard work to make this a reality!!

(April, 2018)  Jordan Galloway receives the very competitive NSF Graduate Research Fellowship...a first for our Chemistry & Chemical Biology unit!! Check him out at the following link!

(March, 2018)  Jordan receives the first ever Gem Fellowship from UC Merced!!  A special thanks to Idaho National Laboratories for sponsoring Jordan's graduate studies!


(March, 2018)  Alyssa receives a Chemistry & Chemical Biology Unit Fellowship for the summer.  Congrats, Alyssa!!

(January, 2018)  Professor Baxter is named a recipient of the Thieme Chemistry Journals Award for 2018.


(October, 2017)  Check out Jordan's new publication on heterocycle and quinone radical functionalizations (DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.7b02706).  Congrats Jordan on your first paper out of the Baxter lab!!

(May, 2017)  Check out Alyssa's newest publication using amino acids as radical precursors for fluorination.

(May, 2017)  Ramiro and David graduate from UC Merced, good luck in grad school!!

(April, 2017)  Our new hi-res LCMS is installed and ready to run!  Thanks DOD!

(April, 2017)  Alyssa receives a department summer fellowship!

(April, 2017)  Jordan receives a NASA funded Maces summer fellowship (  Congrats Jordan!

(September, 2016)  Alyssa successfully advances through candidacy!  Congrats Alyssa!!!

(July, 2016)  Peter publishes the first paper out of the Baxter lab using unprotected amino acids as radical precursors.  Congrats Peter!!

(June, 2016)  Tai and Carlos join the lab as summer researchers through the NSF REU program.  Welcome!

(June, 2016)  Ramiro is awarded a UROC summer research fellowship.  Congrats Ramiro!!

(March, 2016)  Professor Baxter will be at the ACS National Conference later this month to chair a session on Heterocycles and Aromatics.  Stop by to say hello! 


(March, 2016) Alyssa Hua is awarded a UC Merced Chemistry and Chemical Biology Graduate Fellowship.  Congrats, Alyssa!


(January, 2016) David Delgadillo is awarded UC LEADS research fellowship. Congrats!


(October, 2015) Ramon Martinez is awarded the SACNAS Presentation Award in Chemistry. Way to go Ramon!!


(October, 2015) The Baxter Lab is awarded an ACS PRF (DNI) Grant to study radical amination reactions from stable organic precursors. Congrats everyone!!


(August, 2015) David Delgadillo is awarded a SACNAS Travel Award to present his research on the synthesis of non-innocent ligands in Washington D.C.  Congrats David!!


(August, 2015) Ramon Martinez and David Delgadillo are awarded UROC summer research fellowships. Congrats guys!!


(July, 2015) The Baxter Lab moves into their new home in SE2 and sextuples their number of available fume hoods!! (phew...)


(June, 2015)  Professor Baxter is awarded a Hellman Foundation fellowship to develop new techniques for radical fluorination.



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