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React IR

Mettler-Toledo React-IR with DiComp dip probe or flow-cell interface.  Shown here with flow-cell interfaced with an electrochemical cell for real-time analysis of electrochemically promoted radical reactions.


Agilent GCMS (shared with Meyer Lab) with 150 sample tray and autosampler injector.


Mettler-Toledo EasyMAX synthesis station interfaced with gas-uptake sensor and React-IR dip probe. Allows for precise control of reaction parameters for highly accurate quantitative measurements.  Gas interface allows for the kinetic study of heterogeneous reations performed under high pressures of gaseous reagents.


Probably the most often used piece of lab equipment.

Vac Atmosphere Glovebox and Solvent Purification System

Five solvent purification system plumbed into glovebox for catalyst synthesis and purification

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